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BENZ J (2005)
(Risen StarX Boney Maroney)
  • Height: 40”
  • Bloom Size: 10”
  • Ploidy: Tet
  • Dormancy: Evr
  • Bloom Season: M/reblooms
  • Branching:
  • Number of buds:

Hybridizer's Description:  I normally don't venture into the spider arena as this field is so heavily dominated by the top contenders, but still, good yellow variants are few and far between. I was musing one day that the 2 top yellow tet variants BONEY MARONEY and RISEN STAR were directly related by virtue of their induced pedigrees. BONEY MARONEY came from a single seed Ken Kehl had been able to coax from his very difficult to use chimeric Tet. KINDLY LIGHT, and Dick Webster had confided to me that RISEN STAR had Tet. GARDEN PORTRAIT as its pollen parent. Now when I mentioned to Jamie Gossard and Pat Stamile that I would love to see a long cross of the two sole introductions from these 2 renowned sister seedlings, they assured me that it would never happen as both cultivars are nearly pod-sterile….so with that it was on! After using every trick in the book, and making thousands of carefully tagged crosses, I obtained 35 seed. 28 grew and I left these undisturbed for 3 years, and this year selected 3 that clearly go beyond their parents. Of these, EL CONDOR proved far and away the most vigorous, and makes a larger plant, and…a larger and better branched scape than either one of its two lusty parents. Furthermore it is a full evergreen and made 30 fans by the end of its 3rd growing season—undivided in clump form! Blooms are a flaring star shape, reminiscent of BONEY MARONEY, only a full inch larger and also a tad wider—never quite measured a true 4:1. Color is a soft banana yellow with a dusting of bronze in cool weather much like RISEN STAR. Plant habit comes from RISEN STAR, only larger, stronger and better branched. Bud-count in the mid-thirties, occasional re-bloom…and fertile both ways; sets pods in full sun, which neither of its parents has ever done for me. Valuable both for its garden presence and due to its unique set of genetics. The first f-2 from the two most famous yellow spiders on Earth. 



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